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ctextChinese Text Project Data Wiki 03:02:01CC BY-SA
DDBCBuddhist Studies Person Authority Databases 03:03:21CC BY-SA
DNBDatabase of Names and Biographies 03:03:27CC BY-NC-SA
CBDBChina Biographical Database Project 03:03:24CC BY-NC-SA

Data schema

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primary_idtextyPrimary IDPrimary IDyA unique (within this data file) identifier for this row
person_idtextyPerson_ID人物代碼yA unique (within this data file) identifier for this person
person_nametextyName人名yName of the person
born_yearnumbernYear born生年yBorn in year
died_yearnumbernYear died卒年yDied in year
jiguantextnAncestral home (籍貫)籍貫yAncestral home